Camino de Bayonne

Camino de Santiago by the Via de Bayona

Interior Camino Vasco

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Camino de Irun to Bayonne Burger him Santo Domingo, splicing both with the French Way.

Beautiful tour of the Basque Country.

Guide Gronze, of Mundicamino, Consumer, of the Federation Associations of the Camino de Santiago, The Friends and the Ways of Guipuzcoa.

In Italian and also here.

El Diario de Bruno, en italiano, que hizo este Camino en 2012 está YOU HERE.

In French- English

Maps and Tracks for GPS.

Is crossing Euskadi from Irun to Santo Domingo de la Calzada and joins the Camino Frances there. It gives an overview of that beautiful land. You have to cross the San Adrian tunnel, up until it is a beautiful journey and an experience to cross.

Aquí puedes ver nuestro video de recuerdos de este Camino:

Videos of the stages of the road to Burgos:

1 – From Bayonne to Bidart:

2 – De Bidart a Irún:

3 – Irun to Hernani:

4 – Hernani to Toulouse:

5 – Toulouse to Zegama:

6 – Zegama de Salvatierra: We have no video. Is San Adrian tunnel, spectacular rise and tunnel.

7 – Salvatierra de Vitoria:

8 – From Vitoria to Puebla de Arganzón and
9 – Puebla de Arganzón Miranda de Ebro:
No videos:

10 – Miranda de Ebro Pancorbo:

11 – De Pancorbo Briviesca:

12 – Monastery Briviesca Knee:

13 – Knee Monastery Burgos:
We have no video.

Camino Bayona San Adrian

(Pictured San Adrian tunnel)


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