¿Que ropa voy a llevar al Camino de Santiago?

¿Que ropa voy a llevar al Camino de Santiago?

La Ropa que llevar para ir liger@

The three layers of clothes on the Camino de Santiago

Generally used in mountain sports called theory of the three layers that has been particularly effective.

This theory states that for optimum insulation, winter overcoat, three layers to be used on the skin with the features outlined below:

A first layer, that which is in contact with skin, must be able to repel moisture. So keep your body dry.

Underpants and cotton panties are forbidden to be avid water this item. We will always get wet and poor insulation and, also, chafing and skin irritation.

Ideally underwear polyester has to be hydrophobic to be maintained dry and not cause chafing.

The shirt has to have the same characteristics. The cotton shirts are also prohibited. The breathable as advertised as they do not earn anything from sweat are appropriate.


The second layer has as main purpose to maintain our body heat generated. Polar and windbreaks are most used for this function on the Camino de Santiago.

The third layer has as its mission to isolate the body from the outside, keep warm, dissipating moisture and perspiration, so it has to be both a bit like the first and a bit like the second. What is difficult if not impossible. It constantly researching to find the ideal membrane, and we and many in the market but yet get waterproof breathability is not easy. Raincoats, windbreaks, capelines, ponchos, is the most used in the Camino de Santiago.

The pants cover the larger muscles that are used to walking so quickly come into heat, so it is not necessary to isolate them both or keep all the heat generated, at least in the Camino de Santiago.


The decision is between pants using, short the detachable. And the thickness required for every season.

The head requires special treatment. In summer you need to keep it fresh and a hat is appreciated.

In winter must be aware that most of the heat is dissipated by it and able to keep a cap that heat is essential. Also, winter, appreciate that such protection is to reach the ears and nose. Ears, in winter and especially if it is windy hurt and could be seriously injured. The constantly runny nose usually wind and cold.


Best to use all equipment during long walks to try to look as much as possible so we will find.

If the weather is clear and you fear that in the middle of August to snow you can always resort to the "traveling box" that speak another day.


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