What I bought?

¿Qué me compro?

¡!Are you sure?!! !!Me ... and who makes a good friend!!

He says he does not know whether to go to a big chain store and buy everything or be selecting and buying piece by piece in the store of his people.

.. I tell you that in my house, after having given many things, I still have a museum of what I bought and use.

It is a matter of trial and error in which you have to use much caution. If you choose a bad piece and not the evidence before you can ruin a long trip. Something obvious with footwear. No one has to begin a journey with new shoes or, almost certainly, injuries will.

As a general rule you have to think that cheap often be expensive, if you're not an expert. When you know you can buy brands and types of things in past years offer at bargain prices. But low-end elements of sports channels that are usually, low range.

I still remember a shoe "Quesudan de-carton" I did a lot of damage to be very rigid, and removable pants "McKinky of InterSomport" that left me raw crotch because sweated nothing. Trial and Error, keep trying for years.

I have also seen students during vacations working in large shops and, although he put forward, can advise you shortly.

So begin informing a lot and I suggest buying anything. Best in store experts. If you go to a big store looking for a manager, older people. Purchase parts higher range of those brands "generic" or specific manufacturers of everything, "Brand". These manufacturers, everyone, have diversified, but what we have always done, know more than others. The bargain is to find a physically sports store or online where you find an article last high-end fashion, Color-, size, etc, and lowered.

It often happens. We must be the bird.

When you know what you want to decide whether you prefer closeness or the best price. Usually find a better price online but feel appreciation for the store that helped you. Tú decide.

Then tunéalo all. Once purchased you can do what you want is something basic and cutting weight off the superfluous. One tip is to group all that you remove and then weigh it on a kitchen scale to know what you take off on your trip.

And, clear, and positions, because things start to Factories, start with something very simple as a cover to keep the water nice and cool.


!!ULTREIA AND Suseia!!




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