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A – Disclaimer and Terms of Service


Ultreia and Suseia

Owner of the website:




2.1 Preamble

ULTREIA AND Suseia. (hereinafter "TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO") offers Internet users the Website

Access to and / or use of the website is completely voluntary and given to whoever makes the condition of USER. All users agree, from the moment at which accesses, without any reservations, the contents of these “Terms of Use”, the "Privacy Policy", "Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial" and, if, the “Conditions” that may complement, replace or modify in any way in connection with the services and contents of the PORTAL. Accordingly, The user must read carefully and others before the access and use of any service web site at your own risk.

The user can access, print, downloaded and saved the Terms of Use at any time. These Terms shall be permanently accessible on the Website through the link Legal Terms.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to modify, without notice, the content of the legal conditions so that recommends the user read these Terms each time you access and use this TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.COM PORTAL. TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO also reserves the right to make changes without prior notice, design, presentation and / or configuration of the Website, and some or all services, and add new services.

Access to the site in general shall be free, but TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO may reserve the right to pass payment arrangements based on usage of the portal user after notice to the plaintiff or a generic notice. Anyway, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to, at any time without prior notice, deny access to this site by users who violate any of these laws or conditions of individuals who apply to them.


2.2 Object

These Terms of Use govern the access and use of the PORTAL TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.COM.

The purpose of this portal is to be the biggest and best search engine for information on roads to Santiago in Spain and Europe, be a reference point for those interested in the Camino de Santiago.

The website is mainly TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO paths medium and long distance, for walking and cycling.

The TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO site is purely informative and indicative, and is not liable for damages of any kind that the use of this information may create. Equally, can not guarantee that all information presented is accurate or up to date.

In this sense, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO available to Internet users interested in the ways of the Website Santiagfo.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO only available to other users data and / or information provided by the user when the data and / or information does not violate laws or these Terms and Conditions of Use.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO Web Site may remove illegal contents without notice.

The user acknowledges that it is not technically possible to achieve availability TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.COM Web Site at 100 %. However, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO will strive to keep the Website available as constant as possible. Especially for maintenance, Safety on capacity, and because of events over which they can influence TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO (abnormalities such public communication networks, outages, etc.) abnormalities may occur short or temporary suspension of services Web Site.


2.3 Obligations of portal users

The user undertakes to make diligent use of it and of the services available from this Web Site, fully subject to the Act, to morality and the General Conditions of Use, if, particular conditions, and with due respect to other users.

In general, the provision of services does not require prior subscription or registration of users. However, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO conditions the use of some services to the prior completion of the corresponding user records, selecting the ID and password that the user agrees to keep and use with due diligence.

Using the password is not transferable, not being allowed the assignment, even temporarily, third. In this regard, the user must take the necessary measures for the custody of the password selected by him, avoiding the use thereof by third. Accordingly, Users are solely responsible for any use that, your password is made, full indemnity for TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO. In the event that the User knows or suspects the use of your password by third parties must bring this to the attention of as soon TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

The register must be made in the manner expressly indicated in the service itself. All information provided by the User through the services must be truthful and accurate. For this purpose, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of completing the forms necessary for the subscription of the Services.

Similarly, the User's responsibility to keep all information provided to TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO constantly updated so responsive, at all times the situation of the User. In any case the User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO or others for the information provided.

The User undertakes to respect all applicable laws and the rights of others to use the content and services on the Website. Also Reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation to the change, by any means and in any form, Content of the Website (texts, designs, graphics, news, database, sound files and / or image, logos, etc.) and other elements of this Web Site, without prior authorization from the legal owner or when this is permitted by law.

In particular, the user will be banned: libelous or slanderous content using, regardless of whether that content affect other users or other persons or companies, use pornographic or violate the laws to protect minors, or advertise, offer or distribute pornographic products or violate the laws to protect minors, disturb other users (especially by spam), use legally protected content (p. ej. by the legislation on intellectual property, brands, patents, utility models or aesthetic models) without being entitled to it, or advertise, offering or distributing goods or services protected by law, and actions make or encourage anti-competitive, including those aimed at progressive customer acquisition (as chain systems, snowball or pyramid).

Users are prohibited from the following:

– Use mechanisms, software or scripts in connection with the use of the Web Site.

– Block, overwrite, Modificar or copiar, unless this is necessary for the proper use of the services of the websites. E.g., copying by search technologies like "Robot / Crawler" is not necessary for the correct use of the Web Site Services, so is expressly prohibited.

– Publicly disseminate and replicate content TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO Web Site or other users, without the prior.

– Any action to impair the functionality suitable infrastructure TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO, especially for overcharging.

– To use any of the materials and information contained in this Web Site for illegal and expressly prohibited by these Terms and Conditions of Use, well as the specific conditions, if, are enabled that are contrary to the rights and interests of TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO, members and / or third, and must respond to them in the event of breach or violation of such obligations and / or, anyway (including the introduction or spread of "computer viruses"), damage, disable, overload, damage or prevent the normal use of the materials and information contained on the Website, information systems or documents, files and all kinds of content stored on any computer (hacking) of TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO, of its members or any user.

The user is aware of, and voluntarily accepts, that use of the service takes place, in any case, under his sole responsibility.

You will be liable for damages of any kind that TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO may suffer as a result of breach of any of the obligations to which they are bound by virtue of these "Terms of Use" or the law relating to the Use of Service.


2.4 Publication of photographs Policy

The photograph on the tab of a user profile is used to identify clearly for the rest of the members of TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO. Thus, is advisable to include personal photographs, namely, containing photographs of oneself; however also accept photos that identify the tastes of users and help them express (ej. Pets, groups of friends, scenery, objects or artistic creations).

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not support the inclusion of any type of images by their members, therefore only be published those which have been accepted after a process of validation, under the sole discretion of the team TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

A photograph can be rejected for various reasons:

1.- Because it is inappropriate to the objectives of TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO. No photographs or images allowed offensive content, violent, ideological, xenophobic, erotic, obsceno y/o sexual.

2.- For security and data privacy. May not be photographs or images containing information as: names, numbers, email addresses, or web URL.

3.- By presenting problems viewing or be of poor quality visual.

4- Not to be loaded properly on page.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO can not confirm ownership of the copyrights of the images to be included in the profiles. Should show a third person, must have express permission, sole responsibility of the user involved.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to cut-never manipulate- images to fit the policy described here for picture. Also, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to remove, even without notice, images that, in his opinion, deems inappropriate according to the nature and objectives of the site.

All photos are subject to TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO subsequent revisions and deletions.

If the user is in a photo website that does not meet this policy, can communicate TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO team in the following website:


2.5 Politics in approving profiles

The profiles Approval Policy is designed to regulate the content of profiles to ensure quality general atmosphere containing, appropriate language and intentions for the safety of all users.

Not be approved profiles containing:

1.- Language or sexually explicit references / sexual suggestions

2.- Defamatory, abusive, agresivo or violent

3.- Offensive or obscene language (including profanity)

4.-Terminology blasphemous or racially offensive

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject users in the event that the information published does not guarantee, in view TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO, a confidence level, safety and credit sufficient for inclusion in the user community TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

In this sense, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to remove without notice to registered users which do not meet the principles of quality and accuracy of TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO can not control each and every one of the published content, so that it can not take responsibility for the contents. Anyway, controls are carried out regularly to ensure the principles of quality and standards TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO listed here.

If the user notices any inappropriate content on the website, please contact us through our Customer Care Service:

Anyone who provides information or perform activities that contravene current legislation will assume sole responsibility for the damages and consequences thereof, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO exempting any liability.


2.6 Responsibility and distribution of content, data and / or user information

The user expressly authorizes TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO to broadcast their profile and content you contribute to TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO. The member grants TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO permanently and irrevocably all rights and royalties of the content you create and publish in TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

The user expressly authorizes TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO to modify some content in order to respect the graphic design of the Website or other communication media used in the platform TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO. These rights or license is granted for use worldwide and for the duration of the legal protection of user rights.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO has no obligation and does not control the use made by users of the service and, consequently, not guarantee that users use the same in accordance with the provisions of the Terms, or make diligent use and / or prudent thereof.

Also, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO has no obligation to check and verify the identity of users, nor the veracity, validity, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that users provide about themselves.

Without prejudice to the above, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to limit, the partially complete, the access to certain users, so as to cancel, suspend, block or remove certain types of content through the use of technological instruments suitable to effect, if it had actual knowledge that the activity or information stored is unlawful or harms property or rights of another. In this sense, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO may establish the necessary filters to avoid that through service on the network may spill illegal or harmful content.

Users expressly authorize TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO so you can post messages and conversations of users anywhere in the Website and in locations outside of the group relevant to the Web Site and the subject on which see the message or conversation.


2.7 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

Except where expressly described in the Terms of Use and the rest of the regulatory framework Web Site, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not responsible for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of accuracy, completeness, present, and errors or omissions that may suffer the information and services contained in this Website or other content that can be accessed through it, nor assumes any duty or obligation to verify or monitor the content and information.

Also, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not guarantee the availability, continuity and the infallibility of the functioning of the Website, and consequently, excluded, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to lack of availability or continuity of operation of the Website and the services provided in the same, well as errors in access to different websites or those from which, if, such services are rendered.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not responsible for the content, data and / or information provided by users of the Website, nor for the contents of external websites to which links exist. Especially TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not guarantee that these contents are true, fulfill a specific purpose or to serve that purpose.

Also, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not responsible for the opinions expressed by users through the portal, Forums, communities, and other tools of participation or review.


2.8 Links, "Links" to pages Terceros

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO includes within its contents links to sites owned and / or managed by third parties in order to facilitate access to information available via the Internet.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO assumes no liability arising from the existence of links between the content of this site and content outside of the same or any other reference external content to this site. Such links or references are for information purposes only and, in any case, involve support, approval, marketing or relationship between TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO and the owner of the website with the establishment.


2.9 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by Spanish law which will apply in relation to validity, interpretation, implementation and compliance.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation and / or execution of the same shall be referred to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona city.

With regard to the conflicts that may arise with customers and end users, shall not apply the preceding paragraph, as recognized by current legislation on Consumers and Users.



3.1 Goals and objectives of the Community TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO offers users the ability to publish to the Web site questions and doubts about hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues, and get quick answers, simple and straightforward to know the current industry.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO Community aims to provide interested users on hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and related issues and / or information from other users or experts.

Community's role is to provide space TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO discussion, dialogue and learning for all those involved in it. So the views are free.

To ensure that community issues are of interest and have quality, from TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not be allowed to use this space to advertising interests, to disqualify others, or for any purpose other than to respond to the philosophy of our portal.


3.2 How to participate

If you want to participate in the Commonwealth of TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO to ask or answer any questions about hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Caminos de Santiago and the issues just get into your account by entering your email and password or, should not be registered, create an account by filling out the required fields that are marked with an asterisk (*).


3.3 Responsibility

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO takes no responsibility for views and / or information expressed by users.


3.4 Obligations in the community

For technical reasons TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO certainly can not check if the user entered in the website is really the person claiming to be. Therefore TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not guarantee in any way the real identity of users. So each user must satisfy itself of the identity of other users.

The user agrees not to use for the service for illegal purposes, contrary to the provisions of these Legal Conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the service or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the service by other users. Particularly, and by way of example and not exhaustive, Any transmission, dissemination or making available to third parties through the Service, information, posts, graphics, sound files and / or image, photographs, recordings, software y, generally, any kind of material, information or materials that:

A. Anyway harass, lurk, threaten or abuse other forum members or any third parties outside the same.

B. Incorporate obscene or objectionable or that may offend the sensibilities of any third parties who may access them.

C. Disseminate content that may infringe or violate the legal rights of others, as defamatory or whose content violates any rights of intellectual and industrial property.

D. Encourage others to violate these Terms.

It. Are published with the intent to impersonate TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO team members or other user through the use of similar identification or through any other method or device.

F. Used for commercial purposes, advertising or illicit; so as to transmit spam, spam, chains or mass distribution of unsolicited.

G. Infringe regulations on privacy of communications.

Meanwhile, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to remove and / or suspend any user of services by non-compliance with the conditions, so as to eliminate, remove and / or suspend any message that includes information on the characteristics listed in the letters A through G, and even when there is remained the same utterance, without prior notice after notification.



Copyright © 2013 - ULTREIA AND Suseia – All rights

We reserve all rights of exploitation.

This Web Site is governed by Spanish law and is protected by national and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

Texts, designs, imagery, database, logos, structure, brands and other elements of this site are protected by laws and international treaties on intellectual property.

Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, communication to the public, or any other use of all or part of the contents of this site, or made in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, or other, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission or other owners TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO. Any infringement of these rights may lead to civil court procedures or judicial or penal.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind to the rights of intellectual property or any other property or right related to the Website, services or the contents thereof.

The legitimacy of the rights of intellectual property for the content contributed by users is the sole responsibility of those.

For the purpose of preserving any intellectual property rights, in the event that any user or third party considers that there has been a violation of their legitimate rights by the introduction of a specific content on the web site, shall notify that fact, written, ULTREIA of strain ET, indicating:

– Personal data identifying the holder of the rights allegedly infringed. If the claim is submitted by someone other than the interested, representation must indicate that the acting holds.

– Indication of the contents protected by intellectual property rights and its location on the web.

– Proof of existence, ownership and validity of such intellectual property rights.

– Declaration in which the person is accountable for the accuracy of the data and information provided in the notification referred to this point.




5.1 Right to information

This privacy policy governs the access and use of the website services, (hereinafter "TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO") that, ULTREIA ET SUSEIA pone a disposición de los usuarios de Internet interesados en sus servicios y contenidos (hereinafter, "Users").

In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, LOPD), TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO as owner of the Website, informs the user that the file of personal data created by him and under his responsibility.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO complies fully with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, and the requirement for confidentiality of its business.

If the user decides to register with, requested data is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is intended our website, which is none other than to facilitate a platform for on-line information on hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues. To this end it will require users to fill in a form and the inclusion of your personal data. Your treatment will be focused solely on the implementation of these goals, always within the framework established.

The data provided by users will be included in a personal data file, which is duly registered with the Data Protection Agency.


5.2 End

The data of registered users through the form provided for that purpose in are collated by TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO, for the following purposes:

-Provide users with a quick and complete information about the Ways of Santiago such as stages, Accommodation, hiking and issues, highways and roads, excursions, and related issues.

-Create a user community where users can ask questions on current issues relating to hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues or answer questions of other users and exchange experiences in the field.

-Free to offer users the ability to receive periodic notices about hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues that match your interests.

-Provide users with a comparison of related websites hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues.

-Inform users via Blog on current issues related to hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues.

-SEND electronic promotional and information related to hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues

of interest set forth in paragraph 5.6 This Privacy Policy.


5.3 Compulsory or optional nature of information provided by the user and accuracy of data

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration form to be completed by the user are strictly necessary to fulfill your request, is voluntary inclusion of data in the remaining fields.

The User guarantees that the personal data provided to TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO are truthful and is responsible for communicating any changes thereto.

The data collected are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the field, certain aims and services, TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO explicit and legitimate.

The User guarantees that all personal information you provide is accurate and updated so that it responds truthfully to the user's current situation. Is up and the user is required to maintain, at all times, your updated, the user is solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the information provided and the damages caused thereby to TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO or third parties for the use of the services offered by TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.


5.4 User Consent

When filling out the form and click to send data, the user declares to have read and expressly accepted the legal conditions of Todocaminosantiago, consents and unambiguous and express the processing of your personal data in accordance with the purposes and services provided informed TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

Addition, the user expressly agrees to transfer your data to other users as well as TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO entities using TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO services to find users interested in hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and issues.


5.5 Data provided by minors

The over fourteen TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO may register as users without the consent of their parents or guardians.

For children under fourteen years requires the consent of parents or guardians for the treatment of your personal data.

Under no circumstances shall obtain the minor details of professional status, economic or privacy of other family members, without their consent.

If you are under fourteen and have accessed this Web Site without telling your parents you must register as a user.


5.6 Electronic Communications

By completing and submitting the electronic form of, means the express consent of the user sending a newsletter to be included in the news, most relevant news and information Web Site, and electronic communications related to hiking, highways and roads, excursions, Roads to Santiago and the following issues and sectors:

• Computers and Technology:

– Computing, Software and Technology

– Internet

– TV Digital / Satellite / Cable

– Landline

– Mobile Phones

• Gastronomy / Feeding

• Arte / Crafts, Decor

• News and communications to collaborate or partner with NGOs / Sponsorship

• Construction / DIY

• Pets

• business exchange services

• Purchase and sale of businesses

• Franchising

• Financial services:

– Finance

– Private Banking

– Bolsa and Inversiones

– Brokers

– Credit: Loans and Mortgages

– Accounts and Credit Cards

– Investment Funds

– Mortgages

– Renting / leasing

– Insurance

• Property offers

• Motor / Automotive / Marine

• Leisure and Entertainment:

– Digital Channels

– Leisure

– Entertainment

– Culture / Museums

– Photography

– Games

– Restaurants and Clubs

– Video and multimedia

• Items for women and men

– Footwear

– Cosmetics and Perfumes

– Personal Care

– Jewelry, watch and optical

– Fashion and Accessories

• Travel:

– Flight Deals

– Hotel Deals

– Travel

– Rental of motor vehicles and non-motorized.

– Tourism Rural

– Holidays and Weekends

– Business Travel

• Baby Products:

– Products for Babies

– Children's Footwear

– Toys / Educational Games

– Kids Clothing / Youth

• Music / Books

• Training / Employment

• Health and Wellness:

– Food

– Ecology and Environment

– Health, Fitness

• Funeral

• Sports:

– Team Sports (Football, Basketball, etc.)

– Water Sports

– Radical Sports and Adventure

– Sports Equipment

– Fitness

– Tennis, Golf, Skiing and Cycling

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO provides two mechanisms by which users who so request to modify or remove these services easily, fast and free.

For this, the user must enter the access menu and disable shipping option in the section on electronic communications. Also, may be excluded from this service by following the instructions at the bottom of the body of electronic communications.


5.7 Security

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO hereby informs users that has adopted the technical and organizational regulations established, ensuring the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed, all in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, by approving the Regulations implementing the Act 15/1999, of 13 December, protection of personal data and other control procedures for the security of information systems.


5.8 Cookies e IPs

You agree to the use of cookies and IP tracking. Our site traffic analyzer uses cookies and IP tracking that allow us to collect data for statistical purposes as: date of the first visit, number of times it has visited, date of last visit, URL and domain name from which the, browser used and screen resolution. However, if users can disable and / or delete cookies by following the instructions in your web browser.

This website informs that attaches to the advertising system "Google adsense" which uses "cookies" to display advertising content related to navigation by the user.

When a user accesses a website attached to service "Google Adsense" and clicks it introduces a cookie in your browser, through which "Google" collects information from the user's browser and then to manage ads through advertising program "Google Adsense".

The user can disable at any time using the Google cookie by disabling the cookie in your browser.

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO not use techniques “spamming” and only process the data you transmit through the electronic form enabled on this website or emails.


5.9 Right of Access, Rectification, Data Cancellation and Opposition

The user has the right to access this information, correct if the details are incorrect, or deregister services TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO.

These rights can be exercised by the configuration of the website. In case of any problems doing this online, for any questions or concerns about our privacy policy you may send data directly to:

nuestro correo electrónico: indicating the above subject.

The processing of personal data, and the sending of commercial communications by electronic means, conform to the Law 15/1999, of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data (B.O.E. of 14 December 1999 and to Act 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (B.O.E. of 12 July 2002) and regulations that develop.


5.10 Modification of this Privacy Policy

TODOCAMINOSANTIAGO reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt to future legislative or jurisprudential.


5.11 Applicable law

This Privacy Policy and other legal conditions of the website is governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.

It is prohibited the total or partial reproduction of this website


B – Condiciones Generales de Contratación
1. Introducción
2. Información previa a la contratación
3. Información sobre los productos
4. Sistemas de pago
5. Envíos y plazos de entrega
6. Devoluciones y cambios
7. Protección de datos de carácter personal
8. Legislación y jurisdicción aplicables

1. Introducción
Las Condiciones Generales de Contratación descritas a continuación (en adelante Condiciones Generales), rigen exclusivamente las relaciones contractuales entre todo usuario de la página Web (denominado en lo sucesivo “Usuario” the “Usted”) y el vendedor, propiedad de Ultreia et Suseia.:

– Correo electrónico:

Estas Condiciones Generales de Contratación son las únicas aplicables y reemplazan cualquier otra condición general, excepto en caso de anulación previa, expresa y escrita. Ultreia et Suseia puede ocasionalmente modificar los artículos de sus Condiciones Generales, por lo que es aconsejable que éstas sean leídas en cada visita a la página Web (denominada en adelante “Portal”). Estas modificaciones son atribuibles a partir de su publicación en Internet y no podrán aplicarse a los contratos concluidos anteriormente.

Cada compra en la página Web se rige por las Condiciones Generales aplicables en la fecha del pedido. Consideramos que una vez que el Usuario haya hecho un pedido, habrá aceptado sin reservas nuestras Condiciones Generales de Contratación tras haberlas leído.

2. Información previa a la contratación

Ultreia et Suseia informa que el proceso de compra de los productos ofrecidos en viene detallado expresamente en el apartado denominado Nota Legal, al cual se puede acceder a través del enlace que se incluye en la parte inferior derecha de todas las páginas de esta WEB.

El Usuario declara conocer y aceptar de modo expreso lo recogido en los apartados anteriores.

El Usuario declara conocer y aceptar igualmente las Condiciones Generales de Contratación que seguidamente se recogen así como cualesquiera otras de carácter particular o específico que pudieran establecerse de cara a la adquisición de determinados productos de y que serán debidamente indicadas en pantalla durante la navegación.

Una vez efectuada la compra y en el plazo más breve posible, siempre antes de que transcurran veinticuatro horas desde la ejecución de la compra, Ultreia et Suseia remitirá al usuario un correo electrónico comprobante de la contratación efectuada.

La confirmación de pedido y el comprobante de compra no tendrán validez como factura.

3. Información sobre los productos mostrará en cada momento los productos a la venta junto con sus características propias y su precio.

todocaminosantiago.compresta gran atención a la información relativa a las características esenciales de los productos mediante descripciones técnicas procedentes de sus empresas colaboradoras y fabricantes, y de fotografías que los ilustran. Todo ello, se hace dentro del límite de la técnica y respetando los mejores estándares del mercado.

Ultreia et Suseia se reserva el derecho a decidir en cada momento los productos que se ofrecen al Usuario a través del Portal.

De este modo, Ultreia et Suseia podrá en cualquier momento adicionar nuevos productos a los ya incluidos, los cuales se regirán por lo dispuesto en las Condiciones Generales en vigor en ese momento.

Also, Ultreia et Suseia se reserva el derecho a dejar de facilitar el acceso, en cualquier momento y sin previo aviso, a cualquiera de los productos ofrecidos en el Portal.

3.1 Disponibilidad

Salvo error en nuestro sistema, todos los artículos expuestos en el Portal se encuentran disponibles para ser enviados cumpliendo los plazos de entrega indicados en estas mismas Condiciones Generales.

3.2 Precios

Los precios de venta indicados en el Portal se muestran en euros.

El IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido) está incluido por defecto en estos precios. Si el Usuario ha iniciado sesión y pertenece a un país o región donde no se repercute el IVA, dicho impuesto aparecerá descontado del precio final de los productos. De todas formas, para usuarios no registrados, una vez se conozca la dirección de entrega del pedido se descontará el IVA, si corresponde.

Los gastos de envío corren por cuenta del Usuario y se añadirán al total del importe de los productos seleccionados, si corresponde, una vez se conozca el destino del pedido.

En relación al IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido), como regla general se aplicará el tipo impositivo legal también ya incluido en los precios. se reserva el derecho de modificar los precios en cualquier momento. However, se compromete a aplicar las tarifas en vigor indicadas en el Portal en el momento de la realización del pedido.

3.3 Productos en oferta

Todos los productos que el Portal promocione a un precio especial se mostrarán en la web con la siguiente información: precio de oferta, precio listado.

Dichas ofertas estarán disponibles hasta que Ultreia et Suseia lo decida, salvo fin de existencias, en cuyo caso el producto desaparecerá de la web automáticamente.

3.4 Garantía

Todos los productos comprados en están garantizados contra defectos.

Los defectos o desperfectos debidos a una incorrecta utilización o manipulación del material o los desgastes producidos por un uso normal del mismo, no se incluyen en esta garantía.

Las mermas en la funcionalidad de los artículos, debidas a las limitaciones de concepción de los mismos, también están excluidas de la cobertura de esta garantía.

Si el Usuario recibe una mercancía defectuosa, se admitirá siempre su devolución siguiendo el procedimiento que se recoge en el apartado DEVOLUCIONES Y CAMBIOS, sin coste alguno.

Para la reparación o sustitución de un producto defectuoso en el plazo de garantía, el comprador, y no el vendedor, aportará fotocopia de la factura o factura simplificada de ser el caso, y deberá hacer llegar con ésta, la mercancía a las instalaciones de indicada arriba.

4. Sistemas de pago

Las compras efectuadas en pueden ser abonadas mediante la utilización de cualquiera de los siguientes sistemas de pago que se indican en la hoja web de pago.
Si se diera el caso se regirán por las siguientes cláusulas:

4.1 Contra reembolso

Forma de pago válida únicamente para envíos a toda España.

El pago se realizará al contado en el momento de entrega del pedido a través de la compañía de transporte o Correos de España que efectúe la entrega.

Este modo de pago tiene un recargo sobre el total del pedido.

4.2 Transferencia bancaria:

Forma de pago válida únicamente para envíos a países de la zona Euro.

Al seleccionar la transferencia bancaria como medio de pago el Usuario recibirá, junto con la confirmación de su pedido, un e-mail donde se le indicará el número de cuenta en el que efectuar la transferencia.

Los datos necesarios son los siguientes (en negrita los obligatorios):
1.- Concepto: Pedido Nº XXXXX.
2.- Nombre del beneficiario: Ultreia and Suseia.
3.- Número de cuenta4.-

Es muy importante que indique en el concepto de la transferencia el número de pedido, así como el nombre del beneficiario, y realice la transferencia dentro de los 2 días laborables posteriores a la fecha de confirmación del pedido para poder validarlo.

Si desea adelantar el envío de su pedido, puede enviarnos el justificante de la transferencia por por e-mail a Pero en cualquier caso, no se considerará efectivo el pedido hasta que nuestro departamento de administración tenga confirmación bancaria de la transferencia.

No olvide que debe efectuar el pago siempre en EUROS y que todas las eventuales comisiones de cambio y bancarias corren por su cuenta al optar por este sistema de pago.

En el caso de transferencias realizadas desde fuera de España debe indicar a su banco que es Usted quien se hace cargo de las comisiones en origen, aquellas comisiones bancarias y gastos correspondientes a su entidad. De no ser así, podría paralizar el envío de su pedido al no recibir la cantidad íntegra del mismo.

4.3 PayPal

PayPal permite a los consumidores que dispongan de correo electrónico enviar pagos en Internet de forma segura, cómoda y rentable.

PayPal ofrece un servicio especialmente pensado para aquellos a los que no les satisfacen los mecanismos de pago tradicionales.

Con PayPal, tiene una cuenta en Internet que facilita el envío de dinero desde varias fuentes (como la tarjeta de crédito o la cuenta bancaria) a varios destinatarios (como una tienda en Internet o su casero), y sin tener que compartir la información financiera. De esta forma, ni la tienda en Internet ni el casero ven el número de la tarjeta de crédito ni la información bancaria.

Para más información puede visitar la web de Paypal.

5. Envíos y plazos de entrega

5.1 Formas y gastos de envío

a) Envíos a domicilio:

Para España el coste de envío está incluido en el precio.

Para el resto de países se cargan 1,5E por gastos de correo.

2. Plazos de entrega

Una vez comprobado el pago el envío es inmediato.

Tenga en cuenta que los plazos de entrega se computan sobre días laborables (lunes a viernes) y que no se realizan entregas en sábados, domingos y festivos.

Also, si la forma de pago elegida es transferencia bancaria, no se realizará el envío del pedido hasta que tengamos confirmación de la misma.

6. Devoluciones y cambios

6.1 Devoluciones

Si cuando el Usuario recibe su pedido no queda satisfecho, tiene un plazo de catorce (14) días hábiles, a contar desde la fecha de recepción, para ejecutar el derecho de devolución.

Excepcionalmente, para los pedidos confirmados en fechas navideñas (entre el 1 de Diciembre y el 4 de Enero), el plazo para devoluciones se amplía hasta el 19 de Enero.

El Usuario correrá con los gastos derivados de la devolución y será el responsable de que el producto llegue en perfectas condiciones a la dirección de indicada arriba.

Para que acepte la devolución, el producto deberá estar en perfectas condiciones y en su embalaje original. Además el cliente deberá presentar el documento que acredita la compra: factura o factura simplificada.

Una vez recibida la mercancía en nuestros almacenes, y previa comprobación del estado de la misma, se procederá al reintegro del importe íntegro del producto o productos devueltos junto con los portes y cualquier otro gasto asociado, si corresponde, conforme a la modalidad de pago utilizada por el Usuario:
– Si el pago fue realizado a través de tarjeta de crédito o PayPal, se le abonará el importe correspondiente en la misma tarjeta de crédito o cuenta de Paypal.
– Si el pago fue realizado contra reembolso o mediante transferencia, le solicitaremos un número de cuenta donde abonar el importe correspondiente.

Nota: el Usuario recibirá el reintegro del importe en un plazo máximo de 72 horas a partir de la recepción en nuestro almacén del producto o productos devueltos. Si el pago fue efectuado con tarjeta de crédito es posible que el banco no le muestre el importe de la devolución en su saldo hasta el mes siguiente, pero le enviaremos por correo electrónico el resguardo de la devolución. no admite envíos a portes debidos.

Antes de iniciar el proceso de devolución el Usuario debe ponerse en contacto con nuestro Departamento de Atención al Cliente enviando un email a

6.2 Cambios

Si cuando el Usuario recibe su pedido no queda satisfecho con algún producto, tiene un plazo de catorce (14) días hábiles, a contar desde la fecha de recepción, para realizar el cambio.

Excepcionalmente, para los pedidos confirmados en fechas navideñas (entre el 1 de Diciembre y el 4 de Enero), el plazo para cambios se amplía hasta el 19 de Enero.

Para comenzar el proceso de cambio el Usuario deberá enviarnos un email a indicándonos:
– Número de pedido.
– Producto que desea cambiar.
– Motivo del cambio.
– Artículo sustitutivo.

El Usuario correrá con los gastos derivados del envío del artículo hasta nuestros almacenes y será el responsable de que el producto llegue en perfectas condiciones a la dirección de indicada arriba.

Una vez recibida la mercancía, y previa comprobación del estado de la misma, se procederá al envío del producto sustitutivo.

Anyway, se admitirá el cambio de los productos defectuosos y envíos erróneos, siendo quien se hará cargo de los gastos de envío siempre que el Usuario comunique esta circunstancia en el plazo de catorce (14) días hábiles contados desde la fecha de recepción del envío.

todocaminosantiago.comasume los portes del primer envío, pero nunca de los sucesivos motivados por el cambio.

7. Protección de datos de carácter personal

En cumplimiento de lo establecido en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data, le informamos de que cuantos datos personales nos facilite serán incluidos en un fichero automatizado de datos de carácter personal, creado y mantenido bajo la responsabilidad de Ultreia et Suseia, titular del Portal.

La finalidad de dicho fichero es facilitar la tramitación de los pedidos y, en el caso de que el Usuario nos haya autorizado expresamente, el envío de comunicaciones comerciales sobre productos y ofertas que puedan resultar de su interés.

Ultreia et Suseia garantiza la seguridad y confidencialidad de los datos facilitados. De este modo, se compromete al cumplimiento de su obligación de secreto de los datos de carácter personal y de su deber de guardarlos y adoptar todas las medidas necesarias para evitar su alteración, loss, tratamiento o uso no autorizado. Por lo tanto, ninguna información relativa al Usuario será utilizada con propósitos comerciales ni será cedida a terceros.

El Usuario de podrá en todo momento ejercitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición, comunicándolo por correo electrónico a o por escrito a la dirección postal de indicada al principio-

7.1 Navegación anónima a través de las páginas de la web

Ultreia et Suseia sólo obtiene y conserva la siguiente información acerca de los visitantes de nuestra web:

– El nombre de dominio del proveedor (PSI) que les da acceso a la red. E.g., un usuario del proveedor XXX solo estará identificado con el dominio De esta manera podemos elaborar estadísticas sobre los países y servidores que visitan más a menudo nuestra web, la fecha y hora de acceso a nuestra web. Ello nos permite averiguar las horas de más afluencia, y hacer los ajustes precisos para evitar problemas de saturación en nuestras horas punta.

– La dirección de internet desde la que partió el link que dirige a nuestro web. Gracias a este dato, podemos conocer la efectividad de los distintos banners y enlaces que apuntan a nuestro servidor, con el fin de potenciar los que ofrezcan mejores resultados.

– El número de visitantes diarios de cada sección. Ello nos permite conocer las áreas de más éxito y aumentar y mejorar su contenido, con el fin de que los usuarios obtengan un resultado más satisfactorio.

La información obtenida es totalmente anónima, y en ningún caso puede ser asociada a un usuario concreto e identificado.

7.2 Navegación con cookies

Una “cookie” es un pequeño fichero de texto que un servidor de páginas Web almacena en la unidad de disco duro del Usuario. Las “cookies” no pueden por sí mismas identificar a una persona ya que no hacen referencia a ningún dato de carácter personal y no se pueden ejecutar como código o contener virus.

Las cookies nos permitirán, e.g., gestionar la cesta de la compra del Usuario y conservar la información de su pedido mientras recorre nuestras páginas.

También nos permiten, que una vez que se ha identificado en el Portal con su e-mail y contraseña por primera vez, no tenga que volver a introducir estos datos mientras mantenga abierto el navegador web.

La mayoría de los navegadores aceptan automáticamente “cookies” pero también es posible configurarlos para su no aceptación. En este caso el Usuario podrá navegar por la web, pero para poder realizar una compra en será indispensable que el navegador acepte al menos las llamadas “cookies de sesión”, aquellas que existen únicamente mientras permanece en y desaparecen si se cierra el navegador.

El usuario tiene la opción de impedir la generación de cookies, mediante la selección de la correspondiente opción en su programa navegador.

8. Legislación y jurisdicción aplicables

Las presentes Condiciones Generales de Contratación se interpretarán conforme a la legislación vigente en España en la materia , que se aplicará subsidiariamente en todo lo que no se haya previsto en las mismas (Básicamente Ley 34/2002 of 11 de julio de servicios de la información y comercio electrónico).