Death and Resurrection

Death and Resurrection

Actually the title should be Agony, Death, Purgatory and Resurrection.

There are many writings on many pilgrimage routes, of all the world, They reproducing the idea that this process represents Road Agonía, Death, Purgatory and Resurrection.

In the French Way is often said that from the beginning, tanto como in Roncesvalles in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Logrono (or to Burgos) the agony and death of your personality occur before the Path.

From Logroño or from Burgos to Leon purgatory occurs. The monotony of this stretch is quite enough rethink.

From Leon begins the green and at the same time start your resurrection. Gradually new bases, new values ​​and new schemes are reborn in a different way.

Many, may all pilgrimage routes are Highway Initiation. An adolescent becomes adult. An ordinary man becomes Started. An Alchemist is the Philosopher's Stone.

A great journey always begins with a humble first step.



!!ULTREIA AND Suseia!!


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