¿Backpack the carritobtn?

¿Backpack the carritobtn?

At the door of any school we students arrive with their backpacks, or rolling backpacks.

Can we use similar carts in hiking?

The answer is: One.

Here's an example moving:

Making Roads to Santiago have met almost a dozen people with different types of carts.

Backpacks with wheels usually much larger than those of a suitcase. They can run on trails as does a mountain bike.

Some were purchased from manufacturers and other homemade user-.
The main reason that the ailments were brought back.

It is clear that if we load a pitcher on the head all vertebrae suffer. Si cargamos un peso sobre los hombros se descargan las cervicales pero sufre el resto. Loading a cargo waist weight almost all the weight on the tailbone.

To load the coccyx is why high-capacity backpacks have a very powerful belt. Even so still carry some of the weight on the shoulders and therefore the only way to carry almost all the weight in the waist is the use of a cart.

My way of hiking is different from the cart as it is based on not wearing almost nothing. !!El Mochilismo Ligero o Backpacking Light!!

Only the bare minimum weight. Choose well you need and choose the lightest of its kind.

As you have seen start to sew my own bags to weigh it right, which is usually less than 400 grams.

Soon I will have to make a new and I will relate, writing and with photos, as I do. Will THIS type. Aquí está!!!! Wear light weight helps me in many ways:

Get tired less.

I can go further.

If I lose it's easier to get out of trouble.

It forces me to think more because everything has to be versatile.


I appreciate not having back problems and I fully understand that whomsoever use taxis to send the bag from one place to another or worth of a shopping. Know that the boss's backpack in a taxi going to private hostel which does not mean a pilgrim classic bed, that go to public shelter.

I think everyone should enjoy the experience of the Way. Overweight and various pains should not prevent, not hay INGENIO, to alleviate the problem.

Now, hacer, por ejemplo el French Way is easier as there is support, taxis, carts, and hostels every ratito, almost every village, anyone can walk and enjoy.


!!ULTREIA AND Suseia!!

Author Bio

More than 15 thousand kilometers on the Pilgrimage Paths represent more than fifteen million steps and many people known and loved.


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  2. ENDIKA - 28 January, 2015

    More and more people uses the path to market whatever. The point is to make money. With these and other inventions I type carriage, you should go for wide roads or road but on sections, as in Galicia and Navarra, where the paths do not allow the passage, by stones and their narrowness. This is nothing more nor less than a copy of the chariots with horses, perhaps it would be much better and so would be four, five or more people could enjoy walking weightless. Some are very light, with rubber wheels, suspension… See who patented now

    • javier - 11 December, 2015

      Hi I would like to have information about the car rites to make way santiago, as and where he could see them and even one aceder

      • Pedro - 14 December, 2015

        Hello Camper:
        In Spain I have not seen that on the Way, when they are carrying the Pilgrims.
        I think you can not play here and have to make do with what's on Internet.
        Most I've seen in Spain and France were self-built, based manufactured by companies that you can see online, when asked why I used to say that the stores were too expensive.

        • Marga - 30 August, 2018

          Hola caminante,me podrías decir si al final compraste el carrito,y darme la dirección ,precio y que tal de a ido .gracias.,

          • Peregrino Pelegrin - 30 August, 2018

            Hello, yo no lo compré. Los modelos que conozco están ahí. Mira también los comentarios de otros peregrinos también aquí.

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