GPS Topo (graphic) Basic

GPS Topo (gráfico) Básico

A bicycle or hiking GPS is not the same as a car GPS.

Nor is it the same as a phone with GPS. Covering a Topo GPS satellite is orbiting Earth, as the car, no telephone antennas. For now we have American satellites (USA – GPS) and Russian (Glonass), Europeans will soon (Galileo).
El Topo GPS will serve us for: Do not miss, follow a route, record what you've done.
It also makes things, but today we will talk about the basics.
Five elements make up the set of things we call GPS Topo:

1 – The machine
2 – The Software
3 – Maps
4 – Routes
5 – The journey

1 – The machine - Is the equipment we carry. They come in various brands. All good.
Whoever starts with a brand usually stick with it because the software, Menus, you are most familiar.
I recommend that you try the device can receive Russian satellites plus Americans. That gives more coverage.
The devices can carry a memory expansion via micro SD cards and when you connect to a PC, USB, apparatus and card behave as two hard drives.
Maps and other data can be copied and pasted from your PC to the drives that are the device and the card. And vice versa of these new drives to your PC.

2 – The Software - The operating system of the machine, is not nothing but a small computer.
Some software updates can patch and others to do things a little different. (That's going to notice and will speak later).
With the cabinet is a disc with a program manager maps, routes, paths, etc. This program is used tu PC.
There are programs managers, for the PC, independent of the manufacturers of appliances that communicate with all. Payment usually.

3 – Maps - The appliance is a basic map of the whole world. This map does not have much detail. For each country sold detailed topo maps. Also for Spain.
Sometimes amateurs willing prepare topographic maps of a region or an entire country that can be downloaded free. Others ask for a small donation.
All devices allow different sizes of the plane you see on screen and can cover an area of ​​several square miles or a few meters.
The detail is very different and even if you can say much or little detail you see in the plane. You have to study some menus and options.
There are devices that allow them goals that you have plans on paper. Here you can change any details as closer means increasing the size of the pixel.
If you want you can overlay maps making it possible that if you got used to the topographic map of the Editorial Alpina Ordesa, you wear it on your GPS under the topo map of the region.

4 – Routes - They have followed other paths of truth or that have been drawn on a map (You can do your) to actually follow. Know what is the case.
(Sometimes what looks like a road junction on a map is a bridge).
Typically, you go to Google and typing requesting a route, e.g.: Punta a Valdemoro. Mr. google through a path of pages, will give several. A bike, other drive, other walk.
Choose the one you like and lower it to your PC. This GPS device to your copy and paste. Then look for it on your GPS device and find the menu you draw it on the screen. That's really at the level you have. We can put a color, purple, e.g..
When you're in the place you will see output on the screen of your device an arrow that tells you where you are and in purple the route you want to go. One has to use guide.

5 – The journey - What you're walking or cycling as it registers your device. At the start you have to reset the counters of meters, time, etc.
Will drawing a line that you can put a color, for example yellow.
If you follow a route (in purple) see a line on the other.
At the end of the line, and then home, you can keep your ride in the apparatus. Also copy it to your PC, Rename. Show your program manager.
View Profile. View all stockings.
You can use a path as a basis for future excursions cutting some and adding others to copy or draw. It just takes practice.

I can personally tell you that the main use of my GPS is to make the roads of Santiago and weekend excursions. It allows me to leave the road and come back when I want. If I lose I know where I am and how to get back on track.

Is anti-loss insurance and the cost is paid for scraps with the tranquility that gives me



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