The Team

Camino de Santiago Bricolage and Tips

1 – Reviews, tips, experiences

2 – Make your own team


Reviews, tips, experiences


Lighten the team here

The Backpack,

The Cart-Backpack.

The Sleeping bagAs do one of 500 gr.

The Clothing

The footwear

The equipment for rain

The Mat

¿Que llevar al Camino?

Camino de Santiago, esterillas /

The Canes

The GPS and small manual FREE!!

Camino de Santiago GPS Basico /

Electronics in Road (Phone, GPS, Photo machine,….)

Bottle water and cover ( As you a)

He wears a whistle!!!!! (Road Safety)

Pito Camino /
Whistle Santiago

Do it yourself starts here with a very light shell and a book of 7 grams..

Above that is the lightest of each type of thing and never take anything unnecessary. Here I put a video of a pilgrim fairly light:

What to Bring List in excel, Take that list in pdf.

The evils of Camino and how to avoid the problem by anticipating.

Camino - Ampollas /

Guides the Way. Become your own Guide. (LINK)

Choose the time of year Your Way to.

Links to shops light equipment worldwide.

Links to shops lites.

Links to shops Kits selling.


Make your own team

1 – A sleeping bag under 500gr.

Saco Camino Santiago bordes rematados /

2 – A lightweight backpack:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Mochila /

3 – Una bag walk

Equipo Camino Santiago /

4 – A lightweight glass

Equipo Camino Santiago 2

5 – Una lightweight shell and a wallet for money and cards

Carterita Santiago /

6 – Water Equipment – Waterproof and pants:

Raining in Santiago

Camino de Santiago - Perneras /

7 – Fresh water - Bottle and Fresh case

Camino de Santiago Ligero - Agua /

……. Continue…….



!! ULTREIA AND Suseia !!