Exercise seed

El ejercicio de la semilla

Continue with the exercises

Continue with the exercises contained in the book Pilgrim to Compostela. The Petrus Guide teaches the Pilgrim Paolo.

The first exercise Petrus Paolo makes you do is exercise seed. It should feel like a seed in the ground and as is the birth.

Evidence express a metaphor that you well:

When we started the road there is a reason. El Camino calls many and many are coming.

Everyone has their reason. A need, a crisis, an anxiety, un despair, something moves a person to do the Camino.

The first thing you should know is that we can start again. At any age and in any condition.

You can reborn.

You must find the strength to do.

You have to understand that you have many roots you can be like a new seed and rebirth. You, you are a mature tree can be born seeds and you can be in one of them.

As you walk the road you will see that everything that you need fits in a backpack and is often better be small and carry few things because it weighs less and is easier life.

The material things of life enslave you more you get freedom, especially those that are heavy.

People who truly love you will never enslave. Vocations not enslave, are obligations which itself.

Solo existe el amor

You must find the knowledge of the seed.

Learn how to re-birth.

Put in mind and feelings online relax and feel you are a seed.

Have all material and spiritual food to be a someone new.

Have the strength.

Somos Naturaleza


!!ULTREIA AND Suseia!!




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