Camino de Santiago – Cinema, TV, History, Legends, Art

I start with the goal of Road, a page with details The Cathedral of Santiago, fate of all Camino de Santiago. If you print will serve as a guide to the Gate of Glory. I also have a bit of its history and legends.

Series de TELEVISION – Those who have loved and you can buy or find easily. (CLICK day and).

CINE – Because the film has collected many times either directly or by reference to the Camino de Santiago. (CLICK day and).

The videos with my Caminos, which aim to give you an idcea what you see or remember your Camino, short lasting a few minutes: YOU HERE.

Books, guides, y más: YOU HERE.

Kitchen Room:

Kitchen Peregrina

Kit de supervivencia de comida peregrina

Recipes 1

Recipes 2



Between Quintana de Mortos and live quintana

(A character Film)



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