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The Camino de Santiago most used

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The French Way runs from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela across Spain for Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos, Leon, Astorga, Sarria.

Se pueden hacer los últimos 100Km para tener una idea de lo que és empezando en Sarria.

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The best guides the find Gronze, Godesalco, Consumer, Mundicamino, Jacobean, Federation Associations Friends of the Camino de Santiago.


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El Camino Francés desde León por las Variantes

Desde Logroño hasta León en diciembre


Mi video que resume en ocho minutos el Camino de Santiago Francés:

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When this road became the busiest public and religious authorities were fed into it to provide resources.

Today the advantages of this way are many, but also has disadvantages.

The biggest drawback is the amount of people who do, now, early XXI century, and occurs in all seasons. This road is so busy that the shelters set up in recent years to accommodate the pilgrims have become insufficient. So every day they become more. Almost from Roncesvalles or Somport the incessant flood of pilgrims is.

The books set start and end stages with concrete that is followed by the majority of pilgrims that focus on specific points. I recommend you make steps for you avoiding these concentration points.

You can visit the monuments and then follow road to sleep in a smaller population. Avoid panic that collective psychosis that leads people to get up at night to get to the next hostel early, and virtually empty before the pilgrims who have stayed the night before. It's a race to the bed which requires walking at night and he does not enjoy the true Way..

Because as you can imagine that attitude goes against the spirit of the Way.

However, once on the road and in the summer months it is very difficult not to get into that dynamic. I repeat that to leave it the way it is trying to finish preparing stages in less crowded places, visit major cities without being at once stage finish, and seek alternative accommodation.

There are many advantages.

For centuries and according to the vicissitudes of history Camino landscape is coated with a very determined decorated. With Paint, sculpture, architecture and indeed anything imaginable with many people over centuries have tried to tell things the pilgrim.

And that from the Middle Ages. Also churches, monasteries and cathedrals are adorned by alms and endowments along this route.

Today we find all kinds shelters almost every village so we can do a la carte daily stages.

Shelters, some are private and other public. Not necessarily better than each other, that's all. Audiences are sometimes Associations, or Religious Entities, Spanish or foreign, municipal, Autonomous Communities, etc. Find everything and all but the bottom, bed and toilet, always present.

We also find a host of services. What helps to travel with because any cious few things that you need it you can buy in his own journey.

This road starts in Roncesvalles but if you are prepared for a wonderful stage fifteen miles uphill recommend you start in France, Port of Foot. Conversely if you are not physically well prepared not do because it may be the first and last time you scroll because after she have to leave. In winter, At this stage people have died on loss, agotarse the congelarse.

You have to know Pablito, a Jesús Jato, to Marcelino, and many more that are sure to always remember.


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