Portuguese Way along the Coast

Portuguese Way along the Coast

Port of Pontevedra


En primavera de 2019 I made this road a little varying the route marked. I recommend these variations. Starting from Porto Douro river followed to its mouth and then followed the coast north to get together with the road signposted, although it is called the coast on this stretch goes inside. Also on several occasions I chose not to follow the coast and trails that ventured into the mountains.


My overall opinion is that this road is breathtakingly beautiful. Follow the beaches and cliffs of the beautiful Atlantic coast, in my case, I was generally raging waves and refashioned with my walk.

The force is continuously displayed Nature. Sometimes Cloudy, sometimes serene, sometimes fog, or rain but always with bright colors.


Alterna fishing villages, apartments for tourists and large voids and natural spaces.

Passes through trails in the rock but mostly by footbridges very wide wooden try to avoid contact with protected areas to conserve flora and fauna.


This road passes through important towns on the banks of the rivers that flow to the ocean where you can see castles, lighthouses, mills and monumental churches.


You will find my Wikiloc GPS tracks where the user'm joseARROBAtodocaminosantiago.com

In Pontevedra you can opt for the Traditional way o la Spiritual variant.


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