Camino Mozarabic

Camino de Santiago that followed the Mozarabic

It's called Mozarabic Christians who in the centuries when Muslims ruled in Spain living in their territories. So Christians who made the pilgrimage to Santiago from their homes in Muslim territory followed a path that was to Mérida and which was the main trunk road from Granada to Cordoba and Cordoba to Merida. After Zamora and Merida to Astorga to Santiago there for (French Way) or to Orense and Santiago (Camino Sanabrés).

Guide Gronze, of Mundicamino, of the Federation Associations of the Camino de Santiago.

Much information here.

En Italiano el Diario de Bruno que hizo este Camino en 2013, YOU HERE.

In French.

Maps and Tracks for GPS.

A video with impressions of the Way Mozárabe in a Pilgrim:

… Video and Television of Andalusia on the Way:

… Project video and Mozarabic:

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